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Sales, Special Orders & Stock Levels

Orders/invoices sent out to customers prior to a sale day as not eligible for the discount should the invoice be paid on a sale day.  Price is what was detailed in the invoice at the time of emailing.
Discounts will only be attributed to items on sale or as detailed for a product, or received by customer. Discounts will not be given for the sake of it.
Special Orders are always welcome, although will not be accepted as part of any sale day.  Orders for complete kits will always incur a 15% discount.
Sale day discounts are only valid for what is available in the store on the day of the sale.
Should stock not be available after an order has been placed, an email will be sent to the customer notifying them and requesting a change be made or refund issued.  Should the customer not reply with an option within 24 hours, the seller will refund the unavailable stock and ship the remainder of the order.