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Eucalan No Rinse Wash 5ml

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Eucalan delicate wash is perfect for your precious work. This no rinse wash concentrate is kind to your handmade treasures: it is made with all natural ingredients on a lanolin base. There are no harsh chemicals used making it an environmentally friendly product.
You can try the various scents in these handy 5ml pods. 
* Content: - Lanolin enriched concentrate with essential oils
* Country of Origin: Canada 
Weight - 5ml pods
Care Instructions 
* Always test colour fastness 
* Avoid heavy agitation 
* Dry Flat out of direct sunlight 
How to use: 
* Fill basin with lukewarm water. Add 5ml/1tsp Eucalan per 4L of water. Submerge article and soak for 15mins - no need to rinse. Gently remove excess water. 
* Press article in a towel and dry flat. 
Can be used on a gentle cold cycle in the washing machine, bypassing the rinse cycle.